At Shawn E Brown Insurance our clients are not numbers on a report, they are family.  We have been very lucky over the past several years to have formed amazing relationships with a very diverse group of individuals and their families.  We are proud to have received glowing reviews on social platforms, and have listed some below.  

Shawn has been handling my health insurance for several years. I am always impressed with his knowledge and the ease with which he navigates the marketplace. He’s exceptionally responsive, professional, efficient and it all gets handled with very little effort on my part. I can’t recommend him enough.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Joe DeCillis of Shawn E Brown Insurance is the agent of a lifetime. I am forever grateful for his knowledge of the vast array of health care policies and insurance riders. He handles everything, everything. The complicated process of finding great coverage at an affordable cost is simplified - Joe does the work.
Here's the best part Joe stands with us when the going gets rough. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer Joe stood in the great divide of grief and chaos. He said 'we planned for something like this.' Because of Joe and his expertise we had an insurance rider that has paid, deductibles, medications and the hidden costs cancer or any critical illness brings. We are forever grateful Joe, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.​

Today I reached out to my old friend Shaun with some questions and was guided in the right direction as expected. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to Shaun sooner, but we all have busy lives and schedules. Our 10- minute phone call was very beneficial and I look forward to seeing and hanging with Shaun next Softball season!

These guys are amazing! I recently consulted with Joe on an individual insurance policy upon becoming self-employed. There were so many options and things to consider. Joe went above and beyond in helping me compare premiums, deductibles, benefits, providers and so much more. He truly acted as my advocate and had my best interests at heart, not his "commission." I cannot recommend Shawn E. Brown Insurance enough.

He is so knowledgeable and explains everything so that you completely understand which Medicare plan is best for your needs. He has a large selection of insurance companies to pick from and will help you select the most economical company. I was so impressed!

Joe DeCillis with Shawn Brown insurance is amazing. He got me coverage without difficulty for me and my son. He texted me personally to address my issues and when my eldest couldn't get coverage that wasn't a mortgage payment I called Joe and he took care of him. Hi highly recommend going with Shawn Brown insurance they are the best.

​Shawn hook me up with a great insurance plan I needed monthly injections that would have cost me $2,000 a month but with my great plan I pay nothing out-of-pocket thanks Shawn

n October of 2018, my partner and I switched to Shawn E. Brown Insurance as our brokers for selecting health insurance. We worked closely with Joe de Cillis to evaluate a number of plans and to choose the ones that would match most closely with both of our needs.

Joe’s breadth and depth of knowledge of the insurance environment in Florida was impressive. He had an excellent understanding of how health issues with which I have been dealing with for years would make me a great candidate for a couple of different specific insurance plans. After examining what both plans had to offer, I made a choice and ended up switching out of the insurance I had been using for the previous two years.
After January 1, when our insurance switched and Joe became our official broker, I have been blown away by the level of service that Joe offers. At first, I couldn’t really believe that I was supposed to turn over to Joe any issues I might be having with things like pre-approvals and pre-certifications, and I tried to do it myself, as I have always done in the past. But after nearly two months, I was making no headway with one specific problem. I contacted Joe on a Thursday morning, spelling out what had been happening. By noon on Friday — the next day — I had received two separate calls from insurance company managers who called me to tell me that the problems had been resolved, effective immediately, and I could now take advantage of an insurance benefit guaranteed by my contract, but which the insurance company had been making difficult for me to utilize.
I wish now that I had known about Joe de Cillis when I first went looking for health insurance four years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and frustration. More importantly, I would have had peace of mind from the beginning. Insurance coverage is vital in order to maintain health and well-being. My experiences with Joe and Shawn E. Brown Insurance have convinced me that I am receiving the best possible service, and will continue to do so as we stay with them for all future insurance needs.

Shawn has literally saved my life helping me get thru having continued health insurance the last 2 years. I’m lucky I found him...he’s extremely courteous and nothing but helpful in this difficult proscess. Highly recommend him and Shawn E Brown insurance. Thank you Shawn!

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